Staking guide

If you want your amount of ADA to grow, you should stake it.
This is done by pledging it to a pool. You don't transfer any ADA from your wallet and it is not locked by any means. There are only upsides to staking and everyone should do it. It helps with decentralisation of the Cardano network. In order to really benefit the decentralisation you should look to stake your ADA in a pool that is run by a single operator. You've come to the right place.
Beneath are guides to stake to with from the Deadalus or the Yoroi wallet.

Stake with Daedalus wallet

Click the "Delegation Center" button

Click the "Delegate" button two epochs from now

Click "Continue"

Choose what wallet you would like to delegate and click "Continue"

Type "XST" in the field

Click the XST icon. There should be a pop-up saying "Xystence - ADA against child abuse"

Click "Continue"

Type your spending password in the field

Click "Confirm"

You will now be delegated to Xystence - ADA against child abuse after 2 epochs. Your delegation will not begin right away.

Stake with Yoroi wallet

Click the "Delegation List" button

Type "XST" in the search field

Click "Delegate"

Enter your wallet's spending password

Click "Delegate"

You are now delegated to Xystence - ADA against child abuse!