ADA Stake Pool against child abuse

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24/7 Online

As a single pool operator I won't miss any hours of the day. The servers are online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, working to get your staking rewards.


Each epoch I donate 25% of MY OWN rewards to a cause against child abuse. No cost you need to worry about. It's on me.


I am highly experienced in IT and I am constantly looking to optimize staking rewards. To earn as much ADA for our members as possible.


Coming Soon
What anti child abuse organisation should we donate to this month?
What anti child abuse organisation should we donate to this month?
What anti child abuse organisation should we donate to this month?

Fun fact; If you hold 5,000 ADA on Xystence pool while we mint a block, you will receive approximately 160 ADA in reward. That’s for one epoch(5 days). Let’s hope the block is closing in on us! #cardano

Pool upgrade to
v1.27.0 completed! RAM usage of our servers about doubled which is nice.
Let’s mint a block!

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Pros with staking to a smaller pool

The reason for staking to a pool is to receive rewards in the form of ADA. The goal is to mint a block, which in turn is worth a certain amount of ADA. If a pool mints blocks or not per epoch is purely based on luck. The more ADA that is staked to the pool, the higher the chances to mint a block.

However, when a block is minted, it is distributed amongst the delegators of the pool. This means that if you haven't staked a very high percentage of the amount of ADA staked in the pool, your reward will be very small.

When delegated to a smaller pool, your rewards will be higher. It is only a matter of time until a small pool mints a block, and when it does, your reward will be great.

Example; You pledge 10,000ADA to a pool with 1500ADA already pledged in it. You have 87% of the total ADA in the pool. A block is minted worth 1600 ADA. The pool receive the standard fee of 340ADA. 1260ADA remains. The pool margin is 2%(ours is 0%). The pool receive 2% of the 1260 ADA. 1234,8 ADA is distributed among the delegators. 87% of this is yours. You are given 1074,3ADA.


NOTE! The standard pool fee(340ADA) is NOT deducted from the delegators if a block is not minted. Your pledge can NOT decrease in size. It can only grow.