The Xystence pool is based in Sweden, Stockholm and is a Single operator pool. In this case a small group of people contributing to the decentralisation of the Cardano network.

The pool is a passionate project in my spare time, which we are working on as soon as we get home.

We have a strong belief in the decentralisation of Cardano and along with the goal to bring money to anti child abuse organisations around the world, the project is full of purpose.

The server is running in the home of Hampus. It is based on high performance components and is connected to the Cardano network via a 1000mbit/s optical fibre line to ensure a fast response. If anything were to happen to the first server, we have a second server waiting to take over.

We think this is so much fun and every day we learn something new and we will never get tired of running this stake pool.

Kindest regards, the small team behind Xystence Pool.





To touch on the dream of making massive gains on $LUNA.

Yes, the price is 0.0004$ right now and yes, the price has been around 80$ but what matters is market cap.

They have diluted the market with much more coins.

The MC of #Cardano is only 7X of the disaster Luna. Be smart.

Just now, Xystence Pool donated for the first time to @thorn. An anti child abuse partly founded by Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore.

The two are putting the hard work in themselves by browsing the dark side of the web for unspeakable things to bring a stop to it.

86 $ADA donated

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